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with developing news out of san francisco a bicyclist left a trail of destruction. claudine wong will show us what happened, claudine? >> reporter: let me show you what it looks like because this is where it all ended. it was a signal box where it landed and take a look at the dam to the sense and the van and this is where everything was left behind two people and a cyclist and a suspected drunk driving and let's hear what happened before all of this. this started up on an interstate 808 when a driver sped by. that officer followed him on city streets streets but the driver kept going. it appears the driver park crashed near a parked -- driver crashed near a park vehicle. then the chase continued where the jeep cherokee crashed into a signal fence and the driver has been investigated for several things including suspected dui. the chase lasted forbearly five minutes but again a lot of damage this morning. take a look at this truck, this is just one of the vehicles hit in all of this and i just spoke to a police officer who told me, when he was -- what he was told was this driver hit this vehicle a
bridge where winds up to 45 miles per hour are expected but let's check in with claudine wong about flooding. >> yes, it is deceiving and we see a few drops, nothing major but we know how quickly things can change and this is one of the areas we watch for. we know this area is very prone to flooding. >> reporter: again, taking a look at traffic right now you can see things are moving very well along here and they were out here doing some cal trains work they were getting sandbags ready for business because they know that is also an area prone for flooding and all you can do when you know storms are coming you just prepare, prepare, prepare and you get the bags ready and when it comes you make sure you are on standby. i have to tell you with the last couple of seconds, it actually started to rain and i'm taking a look at the light fixture and you can see a decent amount started in the last couple of minutes. we will keep an eye on a the rain has begun to fall and we will check if people are out and keeping an eye on their store fronts downtown, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning n
crashed spreading debris on the roadway. claudine wong will have an update at 5:30. we're also hearing reports of another big rig accident on this stretch near the altamont pass at the greenville exit. it looks like a truck went down the embankment. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic flowing okay. we do have very wet conditions and a high wind advisory in effect on the span. highway 4 through bay point your commute is looking pretty good. again we do have a lot of spotty flooding that is up in marin county. we also have a lot of reports up in sonoma county as well as through the walnut creek area we have some flooding large puddles in that area off of 680. definitely be careful. here's steve. >>> tara, thank you. our system has arrived and it's moving. the cloud cover is not. it's just we're painted. the main ban is going through. not before 4-6 inches of rain fell. had reports in cazadero and minute see -- minute see that county. some of that activity has pushed off east. this is closer to the sacramento radar. but nothing too outrageous. there is plenty of rain arou
claudine wong is at city hall, good morning claudine wong. >> reporter: we have two trucks outside city hall and lights are on and they do expect to be open for business. i want to walk you over to the right side of this business because that is where you have two generators and that's what you are hearing. the hum of two generators going on since early this morning, i did ask a person when he thought regular power will restore and this is a situation which has been ongoing since last night. there wasn't an he can legs call explosion -- an electrical explosion and there was some water because sprinklers came on and head to call pg&e to turn it off. >> this is a high voltage area so we can't get anybody inside so we have the power cut off. >> back live out here in front of city hall, you can see the power is back on. they talked about calling the power off so they had to turn off several locations. we are told they will be open for business but the work is still ongoing and we have been trying to get ahold of somebody working on this pulling and we will let you know as soon as we ge
-old woman. ktvu claudine wong is right along highway 80 in valy hoe. you have been on this 4:30. you said the victim was found beaten and wrapped in duct tape? >> reporter: that is right. we are on plaza drive just off interstate 80. we have moved over here because we want to show you where the alleged kidnapping happened. this is a retail shopping area. we don't know where exactly the victim was coming from. police say she was taken by gunpoint from the front of a store here. forced into a mini van and forced to drive three miles from here. i want to show you video of that location we shot an hour ago. that is where the 65-year-old victim was physically and sexually assaulted duct taped and left in a ditch. passer byes apparently saw the victim and called for help. while police were investigating, they say someone called a family member of the victim and demanded money in exchange for the victim's return. now we do not know how the police found the suspect, but we do know that the 14-year-old apparently came back here to this retail shopping area. and when he did, police arrested him. th
information for a popular video game. ktvu's claudine wong is in redwood city this morning. has been getting reaction this morning. >> reporter: that's right, we are in front of electric arts here in redwood city. this is the company that makes the video game, medal of honor, war fighter, a game that has being touted as realistic and so realistic that the seven navy seals are in trouble. this is video of that game released just last month. the company said in it's first press release about the game that it was written by tier one operators deployed over seas and allows users to experience the action as it might have unfolded. a tier one operator is commandos involved in sensitive operations and these are members of seal team 6 the commando unit credited with the operation against osama bin laden's compound last year. those seals didn't ask the government before they talked and 7 of them have received letters of reprimand and will lose half their pay for two months. admiral gary binneli issued a statement we do not tolerate deviations from the policies that governor who we are in the united s
. claudine wong, what is the latest? >> reporter: a truck pulled up and take a look behind me they have two trucks and a third truck is just down the street which just pulled up. pg&e has been out here all night long. they do have the lights on and i want to take your attention to the far side and there will eare some generators back there. you have two big generators and we have been hearing them working this morning ever since crews have been out here with that area blocked off. i asked the gentleman down there when they could be turned off and he said he i don't know but he was trying to get somebody out here to talk with us. it all started at 9:30 last night and there was an explosion in the basement of city hall. it set offspring letters and -- off blinkers -- sprinklers and they needed to get pg&e out to address the problem because it was a high voltage area. >> we can't get anybody inside there to cut the power off because it is a high voltage area. >> they did address the problem. we are told there were multiple sources and they been working into the basement. they do expect busines
out that signal light. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and the latest on the bp oil spill, just within the last hour, we found out bp employees will face charges of man slaughter in connection with the explosion that killed 11 people. bp also agreed they would pay billions of dollars in penalties over that oil spill. they are tell us how much oil pour flood that oil well. >>> and it could face new questions about recent spikes in gas prices. new research will be presented at this hearing, alex? >> reporter: as new information suggests drivers may have been paying more at a time when shell and chevron were supposedly shut down for maintenance and that's when gas prices spiked. there was a report prepared by oregon research. it will be at a state senate committee on bay area pans transportation. they found california refineries were out. those are the ones that deal chevron refinery in richmond and drivers were paying 50- cents more than the national average. we have calls put out to chevron and shell but we have not heard back thus far. that state senate committee mee
live team coverage for you and tara moriarty is watching your morning commute. claudine wong is standing by in marin county and there are flooding concerns out there. but first let's go to steve paulson for a look at where that storm is right now, steve? >>> it is here right now and it is really close to the santa cruz coastline and it is inching really close. most locations don't have much in the way of rain but that will pick up in the next half our to about an hour especially skyline peninsular, into the santa cruz mountains and that system right there looks impressive and plus the rain is picking up in the north bay. santa rosa is seeing some rain and let's go to claudine wong, we know it is picking up with the wind, right claudine? >> reporter: it is. if you look up at the street light it makes it easier to see the amount of rain and as you said it moved in and now we are seeing the steadier rain coming in down here. we are looking at a city that is well-versed in flooding and it is a little town and they have been flooded before in this downtown, so much so that they ha
. but claudine wong joins us now from marin county where flooding is expected. claudine? >> reporter: we're in san anselmo. they prepare for any kind of flooding here. let let's -- let's have a look at the conditions. no -- when you talk about preparations for a storm like this, you come here and they got it down. those people you talk to out here will tell you their businesses are flooded, so much in fact, that they have these flood gates in when the -- the potential time for flooding and that protects the store when you go in. they are not worried so much of nothinged drains. i am gonna walk you around. this is probably one of the big reasons why you don't see sandbags out here yet. there's a complex system. take a look right now. you can see it's very low right now. a little over 2 feet is what their gauges are saying right now. you can access that all of the time. residents can keep an eye on this real-time data. 13 feet is the lowest point in the downtown area. they have a lot of room before they have the potential for flooding. that gives them a way to be prepared to know when to s
are expected to turn out in big numbers. claudine wong is live there with the impact this is expected to have on the economy. >> reporter: good morning. 130 stores. a lot of people looking for bargains. you have a big boost to the community. i want you to take a look down here. you can see a lot of folks down there, just starting to show up. they are getting the stores ready. these are all folks who want to make sure that everyone is exactly right when people show up. we pan around. you can see more of this area. just to give you an idea of the setup. one long corridor here and another one on the other side. some of the stores are not quite ready to go. most of them seemed to be ready to go. so you are likely to have plenty to choose from. i want to give you some we saw. a lot of sales. these are all outlets. there's a lot of last-minute preparations. i talked to a couple of people involved in the building crew. a lot of people have been working 18-hour days. the first outlet mall to open in the bay area in more than a decade and it opens at 10:00 a.m. here's a few numbers about the mall. the
-- an electrical explosion last night in the basement. claudine wong is live where it is expected to open to the public. will it be business as usual? >> reporter: we're told that city hall will open back up this morning. we have several pg&e trucks behind me. there's one next to me. if you come up here in the steps of city hall, you can see the lights are back on. they've been on since we arrived here this morning. generators are also on and they've -- at one point we thought we saw one them pop off. if we take a look over here, the generators are still right here at city hall. they've been busy all night making sure things are running inside. you see the tops of those generators? can see they are working hard and you can see the crews coming in and out of here. as far as when everything will be back to normal you, i can show you the scene last night, the problems really started last night, someone smelled -- smelled smoke and there was an explosion. what happened, that set up sprinklers. >> minimal smoke ran out of the building. a high voltage area so we can't get anybody inside there.
and they will continuing wrap it up before they leave live in san jose, claudine wong. >>> flash grenades ended a standoff with a wanted man in san francisco. glass rained down at a home in the heights. the stand governor involved a -- standoff involved a suspect during a chase yesterday afternoon. they lost track of the man until somebody called police hours later. >> at 8:30 p.m. we received an anonymous tip that the suspect was on appleton street. >> the standoff began late and police believe he has ties to have san francisco gangs. >>> san francisco department works stock piled 6,000 sandbags for distribution through the weekend. they are encouraging people not to wait until the last minute. >> we are giving out sandbags and we are eastern currenting people not to -- encouraging people not to wait for the last minute. we would like people to come in and be prepared. >> sandbags can be picked up and proof of residency is required. there is a limit of so bags per household. >>> forecasters warn there could be flooding in small creaks. they will have heavy stationery at napa creek. >> we will have it sta
coverage for you. claudine wong is following another major crash in livermore. tara is in our traffic center. let's first go to steve. steve, how are we looking? >> we are looking wet, dave, there is pretty heavy rain toward east bay. the stronger band looks like it's moving east and south. look at all the moisture. it will be a day where we get rain and then we'll get a break and more rain. urban and small stream advisory out until 11:30 this morning. there has been really heavy rain around santa cruz. i know that up into the santa cruz scotts valley. peninsula starting to get rain. also san jose, santa clara valley moving south morgan hill to gilroy. it looks like wood side beginning to pick up. overall general rain continues to push east. a little bit from hayward toward san ramon could be pockets of moderate to heavy rain. and over toward oakland and sausalito. things are picking up a little bit. now here is tara. >>> thanks, steve. we do want to mention at sfo we do have some delays that will be happening throughout the day. they are on a delayed program. that will cut the amount
hall. the smoke spread through the building including the rotunda. claudine wong is there and pg&e is there trying to get power back, what is going on claudine? >>> you can hear the hummers. >> reporter: they do have power and let me show you what is happening now. you have two pg&e crews. let me take you up the steps of city hall. they are basically on the side of st. hall and they have two big generators and that hum is working over time. we have seen crews set up in and around that area and i asked when they would be back and he said he would not know and they tried sent somebody out to talk to us. we know this work has been going on all night. let me show you video from the scene. this all started at 9:30 and this was in the basement of city hall. it did set off the sprinklers. >> we cut them off as soon as we arrived. we saw an isolated area in the basement and we still have to get the water out of there. >> reporter: back here they called pg&e to turn off the power so they can get in and clear out the water. there was light smoke in the rotunda and head to clear some people
were hit while trick or treating and police are questioning the driver. claudine wong is in santa rosa with what police are saying and also what the weather was like at the time of the accident. claudine? >> reporter: well, pam let me give you a look at where this all happened, wi street four lanes of traffic and from what we understand, it is a residential area and they were already in the crosswalk, they saw the vehicle coming down the street they tried to hold back the children but this four-year- old and 10-year-old went passed them and that's when they were hit by the vehicle the driver did stop at the scene. police say it does not look like alcohol played a role. the children are suffering none threatening injuries but it looks like it was raining at the time. they just couldn't stop the kids from getting out on time. this investigation is continuing. ktvu channel 2 morning news claudine wong. >>> they are evacuating hundreds of patients from new york's bellevue hospital. the generator failed and it may take weeks to fix it. >>> well now the death toll is now 74 on top of the peo
with us, it is november 22nd, i am claudine wong, pam cook has the day off. >> let's check weather and traffic and we go to steve, we can be thankful because the forecast sounds great. also we have some sunshine and we have a little bit warmer temperatures, here is sal. >>> i do want to mention, there seems to be a objecting and of bp -- lock and and there could be some delays and i will let you know about highway 17. >>> charities are already hard at work preparing thousands of meals. take a look this is what woulded like. volunteers will deliver the meals right to the door steps and one of the voluntary chefs said it is a labor of love. >> reporter: what is it like? >> it is a lot of love and we have been cooking turkeys around the clock. >> they expect 5,000 people and meal deliveries will start at 8:00 this morning. >> now there are other places serving. and the first seating 21st and the second one, noontime and they will be holding a dinner at 1:00 p.m. and everyone is invited. >>> new this thanks giving, many -- thanksgiving, many food banks are struggling to come up with in
moriarty is watching your morning commute and claudine wong is in marin county and i know it is raining there but first let's go to steve paulson, what is that storm? >> -- war is that storm? >> it -- where is that storm? >> it's right off the coast and 7:00 to 9:00 this system will begin to move through and it is just coming on shore but there is plenty that has to come by. you can see some of these heavier bands and they are right off the coast, right there heading towards the marin coast. this system begins to pick up and things are not too bad yet. for more on how they are picking up, let's head to claudine wong. there is not too much wind yet. >> not too much, a little bit of wind and rain, you can see roads are already wet going through downtown and we come here because this is an area we know that floods. and we have a system to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to flooding. one of the reasons you may not see the bags is because we have these flood gates and they basically slide it on when they block the bags when they need to. the creek which on the other side of
be too real for military officials. claudine wong is in redwood city with the story of navy s.e.a.l.s accused of leaking secret information for a popular video game. >> reporter: good morning. we're in front of electronic arts here in redwood city. this is the company that makes the game "medal of honor -- war fighter." it's a game they say is very realistic. so realistic that the seven navy s.e.a.l.es are in trouble for help -- are in trouble for making it that way. the company said in a press release the game was made by actual tier 1 operators deployed overseas. it's supposed to allow users to experience the action. a tier 1 operator is a term used by the military to describe those involved in sensitive operations. in this case, the tier 1 operators are members of the unit credited for entering osama bin laden's compound last year. but the s.e.a.l.s did not ask the government before they talked and now seven of them have received letters of reprimand and will lose half of their way for two months. the deputy issued this statement -- >> reporter: apparently, all s.e.a.l.s si
-year-old boy for a brutal attack on a 65-year-old woman. claudine wong is in vallejo with all the details of a kidnapping and attack and demand for ransom. >> reporter: let me show you where we are. we are at hidden broke parkway and interstate 80. there is not much here. there is a parking lot and an entrance to a subdivision. but we have come here because this is where the 65-year-old victim was found. she was duct taped. she was unconscious. but there is traffic through here and apparently some passer byes saw her and called for help. when police talked to her they learned she was a victim of an agree january and sexual assault in a kidnapping that started last night. she was found here after police say she was abducted by gunpoint in front of a store in a retail shopping center that is just a few miles away from where we are this morning. police say she was forced to drive to the location and then she was left unconscious in a ditch and the suspect fled in her mini van. police talked to her and during this time a family member of the victim got a call asking for a ransom i
. >> and i'm claudine wong. let's check in on your weather with rosemary orozco. it's warming up? >> yeah addition fall warming in the forecast for today. we fell back in the overnight hours because of it the sun is already shining. we're looking at anywhere from 4-8 degrees of warming for your afternoon today. you can see 4-5 for santa rosa, san francisco, livermore as well as san jose. i'll break down these number for you and talk about the patchy fog and cool conditions outside your door at this hour coming up. >>> new this morning employees of railey's knob hills foods are on strike for the first time in the company's 77 year history. workers hit the picket line an hour ago. >> reporter: this knob hill store opened at 6:00 a.m. just as scheduled. if we take a peek inside here it looks pretty empty. there is only one person working all the cash registers. and that is because just about everyone else who works in this store, clerks, cashiers, produce workers, butchers they are on this picket line. workers with the united food and commerci workers union formed this picket line at 6:00 a.
this morning. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live with the president's plan on how to deal with the looming fiscal cliff. >> reporter: well, president obama began his remarks saying now that the campaign is over, it's time to get back to work and there is a lot of work to do. but will there be consensus on capitol hill and will it all happen in time to avoid this fiscal cliff especially when both sides are still drawing battle lines. the speech lased eight minutes. >> on tuesday they said loud and clear that they won't tolerate dysfunction, they won't tolerate politicians who view a dirty word. >> 2013 should be the year we begin to solve our vet through tax form and entitlement reform. i'm proposing there will be a birth of fiscal cliff in a manner that ensures that 2013 is finally the clear that our government comes to grips with the major problems that are facing us us. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i'm not gonna ask students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime
. >> i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> and today is the day i wanted to stay bundled up in bed. >> i agree. colder than yesterday morning and we do have a frost advisory once again until 8:00. north bay mountain and valley locations. some of us slipping back to near 30 degrees. show you what you can expect for your afternoon coming up. >>> a memorial is being dedicated on this veterans day for the men and women who serve this country. >> hundreds are expected at the ceremony. allie rasmus joins us. >> reporter: this is behind the park in the community center. this is the new veterans memorial that is going to be unveiled and dedicated officially today at 11:00 for veteran's day. it is 35 feet across. you can see the flagpole in the center of t and they will have a brand new flag flying from it. it is one for each branch of the military. now, it took eight months to build and countless hours of effort to raise the $200,000 needed to build the memorial. >> this is the post war 1961 that spearheaded the project. now, that it is complete. it will be dedicated at a ceremony that sta
they are calling this a horrific crime. live here in vallejo claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we are following other breaking news that effects thousands of jobs. the maker of twinkies has announced they are going out of business. hostess said this morning it is winding down operations and has filed a motion with the u.s. bankruptcy court. yesterday the company announced it would shut down its plans nation-wide if striking union workers did not return to their jobs. as of late last night workers remained on the picket lines and refused to head back to work. the company employs 18,000 people. >>> oakland police say good fortune and observant officer may have helped them put a dent in gang violence. last night they arrested ronny at the ruth's chris steak house in san francisco. an off duty oakland officer saw him and his entourage entering the restaurant. police worked up a tactical plan and arrested him without incident as hi left the restaurant. >> we have put forth a lot of efforts with the department of justice, las vegas metro police department. tracking him in several locati
to the morning news i'm claudine wong. pam cook and brian flores have the morning off. steve paulson is here with your shopping forecast. >> we do have mostly clear skies. a little chill in that morning air. it will be sunny to mostly sunny today. enjoy the temperatures if you liked yesterday you will like today. here is tara. >>> thank you. right now we will take a look outside. and a look at 880 near the
to "mornings on 2", it is sunday, november 25th. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. a lot of fog. we will check in with the forecast. good morning, rosemary. >> along the peninsula and in  through the delta, can you see it here. it will be in through the morning hours. we do have the advisory for the north valley locations. visibility is down to quarter of a mile and that quarter mile visibility popping up in some areas. talking about oakland, crossing the bridges and give yourself extra time and plan for that. i will show you what to expect for the afternoon, coming up. >>> deadly holiday weekend, and this morning the fog could be slowing down the holiday weekend commute. this is the san mateo bridge. matt? >> reporter: yes, mike, fog is a major issue and especially if you are driving on bay area area. and on the -- bay area bridges and warning everyone about the fog. it is a dangerous morning with the fog. one person was killed on the off ramp here. a car slammed in the back of a big rig and caught fire at 4:30 this morning. another person was taken to the hospital. all lanes of
moving through here again. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >>> certainly a messy commute in a few spots. a few hours earlier take a look there was another accident on 580 in livermore. that was involving a safeway truck. that happened shortly staff 11:00 last -- shortly after 11:00 last night. the driver lost control for unknown reasons. probably was windy out there and rainy. slid across all eastbound lanes. lanes had to be shut down for ten minutes while the crews moved the truck. the driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. >> as we have seen driving is extremely treacherous. drivers facing pounding rain and high winds and some cases power outages. rosemary orozco continues our storm coverage. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. we just passed over the bridge moments ago. but some good news here take a look at the bridge now. the lights are back on. when we drove across it was very windy, the rain pelting our windshield, and really, really dark. extremely dark. making it almost scary to drive across. good news the power is on and the lights are on. i want
be getting out. live here in redwood city claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in just a couple of hours, president obama will address the nation this morning for the first time since being reelected. the president will speak from the white house at 10:05 our time this morning. coming up for you the at 5:15, the message the president is expected to give congress about how to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>> also this morning, republican house speaker john boehner will hold his own news conference. he's expected to tell us the republican position on avoiding the fiscal cliff. boehner says he's the most reasonable guy in washington and believes he can find common ground with the president. >>> they are still counting votes in florida from tuesday's election, but mitt romney's campaign advisor says president obama are will win the state. the romney campaign in florida says it only expects the president's lead in the state to grow as more ballots are counted. president obama of course won the election without florida's 29 electoral votes. >>> time 5:07. we have rain and wet roads and sal we have
, november 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. let's get a quick look at your weather and traffic. steve, that rain already causing problems. >> very much so. >> roads, airports. >> exactly. it's a morning event that start to taper off in the next couple of hours. but not before we have decent totals. three inches of rain up toward russian river area. you can see our front is moving through right now. very mild. 60s on the temps. still rain to the north. we'll talk about that coming up in five minutes. >>> steve, we've had commute problems already as we look at the commute pictures here. this is a light looking 237 as you drive through, but we've had slow traffic already and also we've had some standing water that is causing problems. moving along eastbound 580 in livermore near greenville road we have a truck accident blocking three lanes eastbound. fortunately it is not in the commute direction but the traffic is going to be slow in the area. at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> police investigating a death in oakland overnight and stormy weather ma
'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's check your weather and traffic and steve shaping up to be a nice day. but it is cold. i just need to remind myself. i'm a big baby. >> we do have colder readings out there. some. upper 30s. mid 30s. it will be a sunny and nice day. highs in the 60s. >>> here's a look at 880 near the coliseum. you can see traffic flowing well through oakland there. and up next we have a look at the east shore freeway. you can see traffic on the left hand side there picking up for 6:00 in the morning on a day when most people don't have to work. a lot of people heading out to the sales. >>> happening now the black friday rush is under way in san francisco. and ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge is among the crowds there at the westfield mall in san francisco where the doors open just a short time ago. and alex, everyone squeezing into the stores? >> yeah everyone is inside now. things have calmed down a bit from what we showed you earlier when things opened up here. let's take a peek inside here. check out the mall. a lot of folks. they are
. >>> and good morning, to you. it is wednesday, november 21st i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. let's go to steve. we had the rain but you are also talking about fog. >> that will be tonight and tomorrow. that is not coast fog. that will be the inland fog. we do have rain going through right now. it looks like it's ending parts of the peninsula and northbound. really mild system. temperatures are in the 50s but you can see there is a line. it looks like a lot of that will be ending. we'll talk more about this in five minutes. >>> on the sunol grade southbound 680 very slow because of a crash northbound 680 at washington the crash is on the other side of the road. but people are really taking a look at it you can see how slow it is there on 680 southbound. not good driving. usually it's light here at this time. if you drive this right now, you will see a lot of slow traffic. you need to leave the house earlier. also the morning commute on the east shore freeway westbound is getting busier driving toward the mccarthur maze. let's go back to the desk. >
. it is friday november 23rd i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. let's go first to steve paulson. >> you know something i don't? that's a good feeling to have. and because the weekend looks good weather if you enjoyed yesterday looks like it carried all the way through today. 30s and 40s will end up with mostly sunny skies. >> a live look at the east shore freeway. you can see traffic the headlights there. no problems to report. and at the san mateo bridge you can see traffic flowing nightly on to foster city. let's head back to the desk. >>> all right happening right now the black friday rush under way in san francisco. let's go out to ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge who is at the westfield mall in san francisco. doors just opened right? >> yes the madness under way here. take a look. this is westfield shopping center right on market street in san francisco. they just opened those doors a few seconds ago. the crowd here erupted in a big cheer as the folks from the shopping center opened the doors and they are inside the m
for his arrest. >>> agree operation sparked a fire early this morning. claudine wong joins us now from the scene with what she has learned from police this morning, claudine? >> police tell us it was a legal grow and they were growing a small amount inside their home. this is about where the house is and firefighters left the scene and left within a few minutes. it was fairly business out here for a few hours and they put the fire out and got the call when the person inside the home saw smoke and crackelling coming from a loft area. they say there was some debris which made it hard to get to the fire at first but they were able to put it out 30 minutes from the time they first got the call. they spoke to the homeowner and resident who lived there, they said they had a medical marijuana license and they checked and did confirm the validity. >>> they had an at -- they had an alternative area they can live and they will be able to secure the electric into the facility. at this point we are making sure all the is are dotted and the. thes are -- it is are crossed. now the last firefighter l
on tape stealing mail in a fairfield neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong joins us now to talk about the neighborhood effort now top track down the suspects. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is the wood lake neighborhood here in fairfield. you can see it's a quiet residential community. when someone started stealing the mail they took matters into their own hands and got this video. i want to show you surveillance video taken by a series of neighbors. it shows a man and woman pulling up to mailboxes and taking mail. they took this video after mail started disappearing and they all got together and were surprised by what they saw. >> grabs the mail, jumps back in the car. the car starts moving before he's back in. so very obvious something is not right there. >> reporter: this all happened within the last week. it was a sort of sting operation by the neighborhood watch group here. they just put up their flags on their mailbox indicating they had mail in it. they have also gotten on facebook, they put it out on e- mail, they have gotten on local television s
. claudine wong is at the university to tell us what is wrong and what is being tonight to fix those phones, claudine in. >> well the eye tee is safe and if could you run, it would get you to a dispatch and they could get you help. a student who was stabbed off campus used one of these phones to call for help. here is the problem, a lot of these phones break down quite a bit. i am not even sure if this phone is working. the lights are supposed to be flashing. i asked the san francisco police department if this phone was asking and to be perfectly honest, i didn't want to press the button because it is like calling 911. when they find out it is not working they will put a big sign on it. but when there is rain, they are looking for a quick fix. they are looking at this problem they want fixed. we will be dealing with the police department this morning and we are trying to talk to students and we will keep you updated on this story on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> later today, they are voting whether to recognize the palestinians as a non member state. they are celebrating and why the
information to give them a call. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> in overnight news, investigators are investigating a fatal accident on halloween night. we are told a driver was killed on todd road around 7:30 last night. the identity of the driver has not been released and they are not saying what caused that crash. >>> here is the latest on the east coast and millions still have no power and damage is in the billions. the recovery from that super storm is going to take a long time. that now stands at 74. it is running as high as $55 billion and some new york city subways, those platforms are not crowded yet. and to downtown brooklyn, and new york and new jersey are top priorities. speaking of new jersey, it is in coastal areas where tourists are spending a lot of money and we will have more on how much new jersey will lose. >>> they are warming people about scammers looking to help victims of super storm sandy, if you want to give, give to disaster relief charities and find a relief charity not just helping other charities. scam artists use names that sound legiti
in groves in livermore this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news claudine wong is out there this morning. beautiful boost for the local eek connie. -- economy. look at this nice long stretch of stores. >> reporter: we have some people getting ready for this 10:00 a.m. scheduled opening grand opening and there are big crowds expected and traffic is expected to be heavy as this grant opening gets underway. we have one end opening underway and we have armani and prad do right in front of us and this area is one of the places in the country to actually carry prad do. let's take you through some of the numbers when we are talking about the numbers for the economic boost expected here. we have ever 43,000 square feet, 130 outlet stores, 2000 jobs, 2 million in revenue and they are trying to dash this mall. i want to give you a map from the developer. if you look at the upper right side, you can see face one tentatively scheduled for next july and 800 more jobs are expected to come from that. they were working with tour hotels and trying to make this a destination for them as well. they are try
at this new mall, claudine wong? >> reporter: yes, i am trying to convince them to open up early but no go. this is a 10:00 a.m. opening and we are taking up prad do and armani and they are expecting a lot out here. this is a 500,000 square foot outlet mall and they do expect this weekend to be the biggest in terms of sales and when you are talking about all the people coming out here, this is off 580 in livermore and like you said, this is the first outlet mall which has opened in 11 years. so this is expected to be a really good time right before christmas. many have permanent jobs and i want to show you the job fair last month. 2000 people will be employed at these 130 scores. all the -- stores. all the leases are sold out and it broke ground in august of 2011 so it took awhile to get this underway but 10:00 a.m., official grand opening, crowds are expected to come, they did have a preview event last night and they did have another event tonight. they are warning people, traffic congestion is -- congestion is expected to be heavy and they are sold as a high-end outlet mall. we have them
. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time is now 5:32, the house fire broke out and damaged this 6 unit building near henry in the neighborhood. they say it started with a heater this morning. >> i got up and grabbed my dog. >> the flames got into the walls and one unit was damaged. others have smoke damage and we are told nobody was hurt. >>> police say it happened shortly after 9:00 last night. officers spent the evening talking with neighbors who knew the person who died. they found suspicious items and they are trying to find out if this was a suicide or homicide. >>> president barack obama is flying to that area. he will also see recovery effort. andrew cuomo will be asking for $30,000 to repulled -- $30 million to rebuild. >>> and according to information, in the neighborhood of far rockaway, a bad cough is going around and some are also getting migraine headaches. it could be because of mold in flooded basements and health officials are saying throw out anything that is moldy and clean off pole with diluted bleach. >>> yes crews saw more wet mud was in the streets an
. >> reporter: and he has claudine wong talking about him too. now let's go to sal, he will talk to us about the commute. >>> on thanksgiving we honestly have a decent drive and we have some troubled spots. just be careful, getting up to highway 17, no major problems and this morning's sunole grade is off to a better start than yesterday, let's go to steve. >>> fog developing on the delta even towards napa airport. there is nothing there and the two will be in the 60s and we will not have to wait another week or so for rain. >>> we will have more on the entire beach opening to the public. >>> it is one of the biggest turkey trots in the nation and in san jose, thousands are gathering for a little picture. and they are looking and having to make them to thousands this thanksgiving. the new color changing candle from air wick, brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. . >>> good morning, your time now is 5:30 we will go right over to steve paulson who has an awesome forecast. >> it is dry
in a fairfield neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong joins us from the wood lake park neighborhood with more on what neighbors are doing to help police track down the suspects. claudine. >> reporter: well, a handful of residents inside this neighborhood here in fairfield this is wood lake neighborhood have become the victims of mail thieves. they didn't take this lying down. they got together and set up operation mail thief. i want to show you video from their surveillance canal as. what they did is put up the red flags on the mailbox to let people know they had mail inside. this is what they caught two people a man and woman driving top the mailboxes and taking out the mail. they said they were not happy with what they saw. >> they may not have come into our house, but they attacked a portion of our house. and we feel violated. >> reporter: they felt violated but now they are also empowered with this video. it's not clear enough to give them a license plate on that vehicle, but police are describing it as a newer model four-door gray nissan ultima or max ma. he is described as a white man light ski
in the bay area. some close races. one upset. >> ktvu's claudine wong joins us live in the studio to take us through all of these election results. >> reporter: there are a few races we want to talk about this morning that shows you the congressional district here in the bay area. let's talk you to the 15th district. it was democrat verses democrat thanks to the top new primary system. this has been pete stark's district for the past 42 years. he's california's longest- serving member of congress. check out these latest numbers that show -- >>> check out what happened in the third race. >>> some other race, let's take you to district 12. that is nancy pelosi's district. she's the winner by a commanding 85-15%. we go to number 13, district 13, that's barbara lee. 86-14%. go down to the peninsula to see jackie pierce' race. 78% to 22%. and there we have george miller, 69-35%. significant margins. let's go downsouth. a lot of decisive -- a -- down south. a lot of decisive victories. republicans renew their hold on the majority -- majority in the house. >>> all right. there's some real gridlock
morning, welcome to friday, it's november 23rd. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell today. happening right now we want to take you to shops centers, with people trying to get their hands on black friday deals. and he's been with shoppers since 4:30 this morning and alex is it still crazy out there. >> reporter: it's calmed down a little bit. it was those early bird black friday shoppers who want to come down early and get the deep discounts but you can see right now the streets here, market street obviously filling up fast, a lot of people coming down here, their hands full of shopping bags already, they scooped up a lot of those early bird deals out here. let me show you what we saw early this morning, a chaotic scene out here, take a look. hundreds of people crowded the entrance to the aber crombie and pitch store. people had been lining up trying to take advantage of a big sale. and the store was packed after that. many shoppers say they're finding deep discounts for a lot of the stores in san francisco and one man drove down here early this morning from
. if you know anything about what happened here give police a call. live in fairfield claudine wong. >>> a san jose man is lucky to be alive thanks to his dog who helped save him from his burning home. the fire happened on ivy creek circle just before 9:00 last night. the dog kept barking waking up the man who then took three of his dogs and ran from the house. one of his dogs was not able to get out and did die in the fire. firefighters are trying to find out what caused the fire. >>> time now 5:01. in 30 minutes from now the government's employment report came out. it is the last one before next tuesday's presidential election. coming up at 5:15 what economists predict the october jobs report will say and how both president obama and mitt romney are expected to spend the result -- spin the results. new poll is out suggesting the race for the white house is still neck and neck. the washington post tracking poll shows 49% of likely voters nation-wide support president obama. while 48% say they support republican challenger mitt romney. >>> now to our continuing coverage of sandy. it
police searching for a man and woman caught on tape stealing mail in a neighborhood. ktvu claudine wong is here live to tell us what the neighbors are doing to catch the suspects. >> reporter: we are standing in front of the wood lake neighborhood in fairfield. you can see behind me it's a quiet residential community. a lot of these folks here are armed with surveillance cameras and when their mail started disappearing late last week, they dubbed it operation mail thief. it was their effort to stop the thefts. here's what we saw. you can see in this video a man and woman driving up to mailboxes and basically taking out the mail and taking it with them. the residents say they were pretty upset by what they saw. >> grabs the mail, jumps back in the car. the car starts moving before he is back in. very obvious something is not right there. >> reporter: again all this happened late last week when the residents said they needed to do something about it. they have a neighborhood watch program. one man said he was just going to organize things and try to do what he could to stop it. the man an
in this election. as the numbers came in we saw decisive victories. >> we have ktvu claudine wong in the studio with us right now. you have all those numbers. >> that is right. i want to take you right to this congressional map. of course the one district we talk about this morning when you talk about upset is right here. that is district 15. the lines were redrawn. we had a top two tier primary system. but no longer that is changing. take a look at these numbers after holding on to the seat for 40 years this 80-year-old is out and 31-year-old democrat erik swalwell is in. 53% to 47% with 100 precincts reporting. a couple of other close races to note. if we go over to district three we want to show you the results from that race. he is holding ton his seat by a number of 54% to 46%. close. but he beat out kim vann saying that they needed a grocery store politics scene not a career politician. now quickly to district nine. jerry mcnerney he is the winner. awfully close. if we go back to the big map 14 congressional districts up for grabs. 13 incumbents including pelosi, lee, miller all headed ba
to talk about number wise this morning. we have ktvu claudine wong here to show us in detail about the numbers. >> reporter: that is right. let's take you over to the map. this is our congressional districts in the bay area. i want to take you over to the 15th district. we have an upset here. this is pete starks district and has been since the vietnam era. he is the longest serving member of congress. it seems the era is over. let's show you the latest numbers coming from that district. it shows democrat ere rake stall -- erik stallwell the winner of that. the gap became apparent overnight. about one-third this morning he pleaded a thank you to supporters. his win in part being attributed to a top tier system. all right let's take you back to the map. we want to talk about the other close races. let's talk about what has happened in the third district. he is the winner there. the race closer than expected to be. some people say it was so close that his challenger republican wasn't ready to concede overnight. some other races showing a lot more room in terms of victories. let's go o
in two nights, they responded to a fire at a car port. >> i am claudine wong. they describe wad caused a car to go -- described what caused a car to go up in flames and they are actually calling this suspicious, lorraine? >> reporter: we just spoke with the father of the vehicle, he is the father of twin toddlers and that was their only mode of transportation and a lot of these photos you see here are irreplaceable. it started on 41st and market. two cars were badly damaged and there is damage on a house next door. he just moved into the area and had not even unpacked yet. >> i couldn't but a picture here, everything was fine and all of a sudden i got woken up out of my sleep and everything was everywhere. all i could think about was the safety of my kids, getting them out. >> they found another two cars top offed -- torched and nobody was hurt. >> reporter: police are calling those fires suspicious and as soon as we find out more information about how this fire got started we will bring it to you. lorraine blanco ktvu news. >>> they consider this man armed and dangerous. officers purs
. >> and i'm claudine wong. it is sunny outside, but it is chilly. rosemary is watching the temperatures for us on this saturday morning. hi, rosemary. >> good morning to you. bone-chilling in some of our valley locations! mostly clear skies, partly cloudy over parts of the south bay and cold in many cases. sun has been up for about two hours, 15 minutes, temperatures beginning to rebound. into the afternoon, mostly sunny, unseasonably weather sticking around. sunset's around 5:02 and a mostly chilly evening. the forecast, coming up. >>> a water main break in the peninsula overnight. and allie rasmus is live in palo alto where utility crews are cleaning up and they have to dig up problem pipes, right, allie? >> reporter: that's right. the digging is well under way, claudine. in fact, they just finished breaking a hole in the pavement. they used this giant breaker, as they call it, attached to that backhoe you see there, to make a 4 to 5-foot deep hole in the ground. that's what they are working on right now. they are working on replacing one of the two broken water mains located right un
to mornings on 2. it's saturday, november 17th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm claudine wong. it's wet, coldy, rainy out there and this is just the beginning. let's get over to rosemary, watching both storms. good morning, rosemary. >> a pair of storms were on the back end of the first one. scattered thunderstorms continuing to fall at this time. it is soggy out there, but this will taper off in the next couple of hours. a little light rain into the east, vacaville, fairfield, light rain, into vallejo, east bay rain in areas of oakland, richmond, san ramon, hayward dry at the moment. fremont and along the peninsula, the rain continues to fall. again, this will taper off. we'll get a break into the afternoon before the next system arrives. i'll break it down for you, coming up. >>> we want to update you on breaking news we first told but in the last hour. a missing surfer at san francisco's ocean beach has been found safe. ktvu's lorainne blanco just arrived on scene and has the latest. lorain? >> reporter: claudine, the u.s. coastguard located that surfer just around 8:30 out here at ocean beach, ju
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